Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer 2015 Recap

Summer Training 2015 in Review

I have just read over all your course reports from summer training, and can't express how proud I am of all our cadets who attended summer training this past summer. You have not only impressed your peers, superiors, and instructors at summer training, but have shown Cadets, NCMs, and Officers across Western Canada what you are made of.

We have had another amazingly successful summer. MWO Christy Chow successfully completed the Maple Leaf Exchange with flying colours, and MWO Yolanda Jin has been recommended to coach the National Rifle Team next summer. 

We've had numerous awards over the summer as well:
  • Aman Prakash Rohit - Top in Course, Basic Fitness and Sports
  • Luis Arce Guerrero - Top in Platoon, Basic Musician
  • Jing-er (Joyce) Li - Top in Platoon, Basic Expedition
  • Hecham Hammou Al-Younis - Top in Platoon, General Training
We also have been honoured with the announcement that MWO Christy Chow was named the Top Cadet in British Columbia. 

2947 has a solid history of sweeping awards every summer over the past 20 years, and its all because of you. You are the ones with the boots on the ground, you are the ones who face and overcome challenges, and you are the ones who can proclaim "I am from 2947, I will show you what I'm made of". 

Congratulations again to everyone who attended summer training, we'll be seeing you in two weeks!


J. Ng
Training Officer - 2947 RCACC

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